Welcome to JustineGraykin.com. If you’re looking for non-nonsense and sound advice about anything business or finance related, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

About Me

My name is Justine Graykin, and I am the creator of this informative website which aims to help all visitors to derive the best results for their business needs, particularly in this current challenging but thoroughly exciting economy.

Born in Richmond, in The United States of America, you could say that business is in my blood! My father, the esteemed Mr. Peter Graykin, has run his own successful consulting company since the early nineties – so, it was no surprise when I joined the family firm over five years ago.

I am officially a fully qualified chief accountant and have had the pleasure of working with so many great clients over the years, many whom I now consider friends. However, watching my father build his business to the success that it is today has only increased my passion for wanting to create my very own successful company and emulate such success.

About My Website

Developing this website is the first process of beginning that new journey. I still continue to work with my father in his company, but my end goal is to build this website and in time become a fully independent financial consultant in my own right.

The idea of this website is to share my vision with like-minded individuals who are perhaps looking for good quality and reliable financial and business advice, but otherwise, struggle to find the right consultant or site that offers this. As my consultancy business expands, so too will this website’s content and consultancy services.

What JustineGraykin.com Offers

By creating this website, I aim to provide all visitors with business and financial related matter in the form of blog articles, consultancy services, advertisements, interviews, and promotions.

This is the website that you can bookmark and refer back to on a daily basis for all your financial and business-related reading material, as I aim to cover all the most recent and relevant topics and those subjects which matter to all professionals working in this fast-paced industry.

This is also where I encourage you, the reader, to get involved with the broader community and get in touch with your very own content, questions, and requests.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my many years of business, it’s how much better the industry is if we all work together to empower one another.