Why They’ll Never Be a Better Time to Start Your Own Business Than Right Now

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One thing I hear a lot in business is how people who want to branch out on their own claim they’ll wait for a year before they get started, as now is not the best time. More than often, this year turns into two, which turns into three and before you know it the idea has passed them by and they believe it just wasn’t meant to happen.

While I’m not advocating packing it all up and rushing out to start on your own immediately, I firmly believe that if you really want to start your own business, you’ll start doing something about it as soon as you have the original idea. It may be as simple as designing your own blog, website or flyers to touring potential office space. The idea is that if you want it bad, you’ll investigate practical ways of getting it.

Here are just two of my best suggestions for those with the start-up itch:

That Best Time Will Never Arrive

I don’t recall ever being taught about any best time to start a business, and I’ve certainly never experienced it in my many years of working in this industry. If you’ve done your homework, developed the business plan, and you’ve got your finances into shape, there’s no better time to start then now! The right time will not come to you; you must make that time happen of your own accord and put the indecisiveness to one side to succeed here.

Your Comfort Zone Is Not Your Friend

A big problem with branching out and going it alone is fear of moving into the unknown. However, for those who step out of their comfort zone and fight against it all the while, the results can be incredible!  We all must take a risk at some point when beginning a new venture, but to survive and thrive during this time we must accept new experiences.

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