How Being More Realistic with Your Time Can Help You Succeed as a Freelancer

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Freelancers deserve the utmost respect for they are often all alone when it comes to time management. When we work for someone else, we are always aware of when we are meant to be at work and when we can then leave for the day to go home and get on with our personal lives.

Yet, as a freelancer, the lines between work and home are usually blurred, especially when your house is also your main office base! It’s, therefore, the sole duty and responsibility of a freelancer to sculpt their own day and manage both their work time and personal time effectively. As many of you may well know, this isn’t always achievable!

Practical Tips to Seize the Day When Working Freelance

  • Allocate set times for every task you must accomplish each day: Use this time for one work item each time and stick to it. Keep your scheduled day pinned on a board in front of you so you can always tick off those jobs completed and see the progress you’re making.
  • Reduce your social media time during the working day: Unless your job relies on working with social media, consider blocking it for extended periods throughout the day and concentrate on the task at hand instead. Don’t be tempted to scroll your feed until you’ve finished your working day!
  • Make sure you schedule in breaks: More than often, freelancers do not officially schedule any time for breaks or lunch time. This is detrimental and will not improve your ability to handle those essential work tasks. Move away for the screen for lunch and add ten-minute stops in throughout the day for tea and coffee breaks.
  • Stay firm with family and friend members: Don’t fall into the trap of allowing people to drop in as you work at home. Encourage them to respect your job and ultimately your valuable work time.

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