7 Quick Ways of Making Some Extra Money

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Setting up and running a new small business can be a painstaking process. You know where you are at the beginning and you know exactly where you want to get to, but in between those two points in time the bills still need to be paid. So whilst your own particular enterprise may be focused on providing one particular service or product, in practice you may need to diversify a little at the beginning just to stay afloat. Here are a few ideas which may help you along the way:

#1: Make an Income from Writing (1)

It is now possible to self-publish your own novel or book of short stories without requiring the blessing of an outside publisher or a minimum number of orders. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing has all the tools you need and is undoubtedly the biggest platform out there, but there are others.

#2: Make an Income from Writing (2)

Set yourself up in business as a freelance writer and market your skills through an online platform such as Freelancer or UpWork. Bid against others for assignments from companies and website owners who are prepared to buy the good quality written content that you can provide. Fingers crossed, it could even lead to a long-term contract.

#3: Take Online Surveys

There are many market research companies who pay their members to complete online surveys on a whole range of topics from politics to shopping, from travel to entertainment – in fact anything there is to have an opinion on. The pay isn’t great, but there is almost no limit to how many surveys there are out there to be completed.

#4: Sell Your Old Junk

Most people would be surprised by what they have lying unwanted around the home and how much other people are prepared to pay for it. Use eBay or Etsy to get shot of it, free up some space around the house and make a few dollars in the process.

#5: Deliver Leaflets

Even in this age of social media many local firms rely on door-to-door leaflet delivery to advertise their wares. Get in touch with local businesses and offer your services. Find two who are prepared to cover the same streets at the same time and you will be paid twice over for one leafleting session!

#6: Take Advantage of Free Bets

Most online sportsbooks offer new customers a financial incentive to sign up with them. More often than not this takes the form of a free bet. Use your free bets at different books to back different sides in the same fixture, thereby guaranteeing you a profit. Check the terms and conditions first, and avoid this option if you have or are likely to develop a gambling problem.

#7: Take a Part-Time Job

There’s nothing wrong with pouring drinks or doing telesales while your business is in the development phase and not yet paying you much of an income. Just be sure to remember what your priorities are and don’t let it take up too much of your time.

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