Could You Be Putting Your Empty Business Space to Good Use?

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When visiting many clients over the years, one thing I’m regularly struck by is how some have such a large area space in their company which sits empty and idle. This lost space is more than often a real estate’s dream space, and many of the companies I’ve spoken to have been shocked to discover how they could be putting this space to good use, therefore earning money on it in the process!

If you find yourself with certain areas of your company’s building that are regularly left empty, and you feel they could be put to better use, why not consider making it financially rewarding in the process and consider putting this space to work? Here are a couple of ideas to consider.

Storage Space: The demand for good quality and secure storage space increases with every passing year and if you have an adequate space which you know can protect many valuable items, offering it as storage space may be a good solution. This could be personal storage use or even professional storage use, perhaps alerting other businesses to your availability of space.

Desk Space: If you have a good-sized room which is well ventilated and light, could you offer services to individuals looking for co-working areas, hot desks, or even rented desks? This could also double up as meeting rooms, as some companies can not afford the space a permanent meeting room requires and often resort to cafes and restaurants.

Conference Space: Alternatively, if your extra room is spacious, could you hire it out as a conference establishment? This means reduced work for you, but with many conferences inviting a lot of guests to them, the potential to earn a reasonable profit here from multiple attendees is vast. Likewise, if you know of companies who want to host events or open days on various occasions, this could also be a profitable route to check out.

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