Could POMODORO Be the Secret to Making Great Time Management in the Office

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With a great deal of my work office based, I understand how it can be difficult to concentrate on one task when you are sat at your desk for most of the day. From phone calls, emails and interruptions from those around you, I am often asked how it is possible to get a fixed amount of days work done when sitting at a desk from 9 til 5.

In recent months, I have been trialing the popular POMODORO technique, and, so far, the results have been very impressive indeed! For those of you not aware of POMODORO, it’s a time management technique which has been around for about three decades now and is used by all types of professionals, creatives and industry experts alike.

If you’ve been struggling to get through the day and make some progress at your desk, why not have a look at how POMODORO works and see if it can make a difference to your work?


The only thing you need to attempt POMODORO is a timer! Then all you do is sit down and get your project in front of you and set this timer for 25 minutes. Once you’re ready to begin, you start, working on just that one project in front of you solidly, and not looking at or touching any other work throughout.

The idea is that you work on one piece, project, job or task during this time, devoting all your time and energy to it. However, because it’s only a 25-minute session, you ultimately optimize your concentration and brain power as this is the most effective amount of time experts reckon we can hold our attention entirely for before boredom or distraction sets in!

Then, when you have completed these 25 minutes, you break for a short while, I prefer a 10-minute coffee break here, and then you repeat the process all over again.

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