5 Outlets of Interest to a Small Jewelry Business

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Setting up in business as a seller or distributor of popular jewelry items is an exciting prospect for those whose passion it is, but the make or break of it is having the outlets through which to channel your produce. In a competitive market it is important that the platforms are there through which to advertise your wares, and to build up a network of loyal customers who will return to buy from you again. Let us take a look at some of the options available for selling.

#1: Open an Etsy Shop

This is the go-to online platform for selling anything of a craft or artistic character. With an estimated 33 million buyers around the world and very affordable listing fees, it is a very simple procedure to open an Etsy account and set up your own page through which to showcase your products. Whether you manufacture or supply this serves as a powerful vantage point from which to operate as a regular seller of merchandise. If you are selling jewelry for popular consumption Etsy is probably the best place to begin.

#2: Build Your Own Website with a Shopping Cart

Whether you use other vehicles for selling or not, having your own website or blog with the means to allow purchase directly from you is an absolute must. Many site builders for websites offer an integrated shopping page with cart, for example take a look at https://www.erwinpearl.com/collections/cubic-zirconia-bracelets. When you are building a portfolio of incoming links as part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy you will want to point them to your own site as a way of establishing authority with the leading search engines and thereby generating visits to your page, and this is how to do it.

#3: Make Use of eBay

Individual items should constantly be pushed out through your account at eBay, the online auction and shopping website which allows for business-to-customer transactions and reaches out to many millions of targeted buyers. Beyond its sheer size, the advantage of selling through eBay is its low transaction fees and also its intelligent search facility which will enable potential customers to find your products very quickly. Set price or auction modes give you the complete freedom to choose the method of sale and building up kudos as a trusted vendor by achieving favorable reviews will encourage more and more eBay users to do business with you.

#4: Join the Facebook Marketing Revolution

The world’s leading social media platform has become even more business-friendly of late with the opening of its marketplace facility, allowing for the sale of small items to private customers and even other traders. Simply sign up to the service and use as directed.

#5: Open a Market Stall

For all the benefits of online selling you should not eschew more traditional trading methods. If you have a market nearby or any other form of public stall you could sell jewelry items directly to the punters. Make sure you have a clear voice and some pre-arranged patter for maximum good effect.

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