Have You Outgrown Your Home Office Desk?

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For many freelancers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, startups, and even small businesses, the home office desk, or for some the kitchen table, is usually where they conduct most of their business in the first few months of their venture.

However, there comes a time for most when the home environment just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you soon begin to realize that you’ve long outgrown this place of work! It could, therefore, be the best time to consider arranging an appointment with your local real estate agent and consider renting office space instead.

Serviced Offices

With many multi-story buildings allowing several types of companies, the ability to rent a floor, or even more, all to yourself in a serviced office is a more luxurious type of choice when compared to your home environment!

Yet, it additionally offers many more benefits in the way of photocopying services, internet connection, IT support, and even operated phone lines, meaning should any problems arise, you don’t need to spend hours trying to fix them yourself, as you most likely have to do at home!

By choosing a reputable service office provider, you can also pre-discuss the opportunity to rent further rooms or floors should you envisage your business taking off and expanding once you’ve taken contract of your area.

Warehouse Offices

Another most recent popular venture is taking out office space in what were once thriving warehouses, workshops, and even former engineering companies.

Due to the twenty-first century seeing a reduction of such company sectors, the availability of their premises has given way to a new way of real estate. Therefore, you could rent or lease an office at a size to suit you, in a convenient location with excellent transport links and plentiful parking spaces.

These don’t usually offer modern office areas and as many benefits as serviced offices do, by they do provide the basics which you can then moderate to your personal likening.

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