6 Modern SEO Strategies for Business Growth

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Even the most traditional enterprises these days have a web presence, indeed it would be unthinkable that anybody would go to the trouble of setting up in business and not supporting it with an attractive and informative website. But how do you get people to know it’s there, and to visit and – just as importantly – to return?

Well, you can advertise your web address on your business card and on your published material, but that will only reach a relatively limited number of people. The bigger picture dictates that sooner or later you will need to get your site into a sufficiently prominent position on the search engines so that potential clients looking for a product or service such as yours will be able to find it. And that means Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Here are a few handy ways in which you can help get your website to a place where it can be found.

#1: Be Smart About Your Keywords

Make sure you do your research before choosing your keywords. Find something which is relevant to your service or product rather than obscure but for which there isn’t too much competition. There are a number of tools on the net which will help you to identify these, make them an integral part of your SEO strategy.

#2: Follow Best Practice When Designing Your Site

Whether you are selling a window cleaning service, used cars or marijuana, remember that Google and other leading search engines are moving at a relentless pace towards a place where they are rewarding good quality content and punishing low-grade cyber attention-seeking. The single best thing you can do to achieve search engine recognition is to produce content people want to read.

#3: Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Increasingly visitors are accessing web content through their mobile phones and you are missing a big trick if your site doesn’t load properly onto the screen of a smartphone. Indeed Google is already in the process of building a mobile-only index. Do not assume your site builder is automatically geared yet to producing mobile-friendly content – be sure to check.

#4: Build High Authority Links

Usually link building is concerned with inbound links, and you will certainly benefit from sourcing some websites that enjoy high authority with the search engines and from which you are able to link back to your site. But outbound links play a role too, in that they demonstrate that your intentions are serious and that you identify your own content with quality content elsewhere. Link sparingly but consistently to sites with authority, and get those inbound links organized.

#5: Update Content Regularly

Search engines like active websites and reward regularly updated content. Visitors also are much more likely to return if they expect to see something fresh and new each time they come back.

#6: Avoid “Guaranteed Results” SEO Pimps

Anyone can guarantee you a front-page listing with some obscure keyword which nobody is ever going to look for. Save your money, do your own research and identify those keywords which are going to work best for you.

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