Why Meetings Still Have Their Place in Businesses Today

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Having read many business and finance blogs, websites and journals, I’ve noticed a trend for meeting bashing! This is where certain bloggers or writers will pen an article suggesting that the time of having any form of business meeting is grossly overrated and thoroughly outdated.

I couldn’t disagree more, and if you want to keep your team connected, business meetings are one of those most effective of methods to ensure you’re all on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Meetings Needn’t Be Long

While I have encountered some bad meetings, that’s not to say they’re all a waste of time. The difference between a good meeting and a bad one is a workable agenda. Those meetings which I have attended which have turned out to be wasteful are typically those without a purpose and lack of time management.

I regularly encourage my clients to look at the benefits of holding a brief team meeting at the beginning of every week, usually calling in all members around thirty minutes earlier every Monday morning to do this. By starting off fresh every week and offering your employees weekly targets, goals, and indeed structure, you all start the week on the same page and begin on a good workable note.

Get the Best from Your Meetings Every Time

The best meetings are those that are timed to perfection, having a written agenda that is placed at the front of the room for all to see. This should also allow dedicated time for any quick queries to be aired should your employees have any concerns, which you can then schedule to address later that day or working week.

Additionally, why not incorporate breakfast into this time? Something simple like coffee and pastries – but a way of not only tempting your employees to turn up but valuing their dedication at the same time. Who said business meetings had to be boring?

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