How to Be the Best Manager and Engage Your Employees

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In my professional and indeed personal opinion, the best manager is the one who engages their employees and encourages them to be their best and do their best work on a continuing basis.

Unfortunately, a considerable proportion of employees will often tell me that they’ve yet to come across such a positive and engaging manager who they feel has their best interests at heart.

The role of a manager is often fraught with balancing the demands of higher management alongside the needs of those employees you are employed to lead. Yet, there’s nothing to stop you doing all this effectively and positively while getting the best from those around you.

Seek out the Best in your Team Members

Sometimes employees feel as though managers are always eager to spot the mistakes or cast a critical eye over their work, no matter how hard they believe they’ve performed. While its true managers must make sure the work their teams are putting through is of a high standard there’s no reason why feedback of this kind needs to be repeatedly negative.

No one can perform to their best ability if they feel continually criticized and devalued. Therefore, change your tactics for a week and see where positive reinforcement and an overall vibrant energy gets you when dealing with your team members.

Let Your Team Know That You Have Their Backs at All Times

Many times employees feel unsure about who to trust, who to rely on and who to follow. With so many employees being made to compete for their jobs against other employees and even to just remain in their paid positions, the atmosphere this promotes is toxic.

Take it upon yourself to regularly show that you have your teams’ backs, therefore encouraging them to be able to work to the best of their ability knowing you will be behind them as they do.

Be the manager who they trust and respect and instantly the workplace dynamics will change for the better.

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