Does Your Freelance Environment Suggest Amateur or Professional?

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For many Freelancers, the home environment is often their main base, to begin with. However, with increasing rent, travel, and general price of living costs, for many people who continue to freelance, the home is where they will often remain throughout their career, as it offers a cheaper working environment than most other options.

While this is great on the bank balance, it isn’t always so great when it comes to entertaining clients, arranging meetings, or even meeting potential new clients when trying to win a new and important contract. What you and your family may think is a comfortable and homely environment is most likely not what your clients want to be seeing each time they visit you to talk shop!

Three Simple Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Freelancing Environment

Is Your Office Presentable?

By this I mean is the area in which you work and invite clients to tidy? Though you aren’t expected to keep the place looking Instagram ready every hour of the day, it makes sense to have storage spaces, cupboards, and filing cabinets so you can keep things in their right place when you aren’t using them and away from sight when you have business visitors.

Do You Have Somewhere for Visitors to Sit?

Though this may seem a strange question, I have visited the odd freelancer at their home and found myself having to stand throughout the conversation or, at one point, sit on a child’s bean bag for the duration! You should offer a basic chair and desk for your business visitors as standard if you want to keep on their good side!

Does Your Work Space Highlight Your Expertise?

Finally, what does your working environment say about your unique role? Would a client know what you were about from scanning this room? Make sure you promote your credentials in a positive light in this environment and make this area really work for your freelancing success.

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