Are Your Employees Social Marketing Savvy?

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With nearly all social media platforms increasing in popularity every day of the week, if your business isn’t visible here, you could be missing out on a massive potential profitable avenue.

However, if you are planning to begin using social media for your business or have already started, how well trained are all your employees when it comes to highlighting your business online?

Business Social Media Platforms Are Not Personal

One area where many businesses go wrong instantly is in letting random employees post on their business social media platforms. With so many companies simply believing that all younger members of staff are the savvier when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there is little in the way of guidance.

The biggest problem here begins when such employees post to the business social media platforms in the way they perhaps do when posting to their own accounts. This is a huge mistake and can cost you dearly if you don’t address this problem head-on.

All Employees Need to Be Social Media Savvy

I tend to find that those companies with older employees actively work to keep them away from the social media element of their business, allocating this role to the younger, fresh out of school members. Not only is this unfair, it assumes that the younger generation can cope better with social media. Yet, when it comes to business, this usually isn’t the case.

All employees, regardless of age, need to be given strict guidelines and, above all, the intended etiquette of what your business needs when it promotes itself online. There should be a social media script which all members can access and keep to when developing your company online.

It isn’t difficult to post on any social media platform, but if your employees are left to decide the subject matter and content freely, you could lose much business in the process!

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