The Most Common Myths About Running Your Own Business

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Working with so many small businesses, I frequently hear many common myths that people seem to believe about owning a small business instantly. If you’re a small business owner, I guarantee you’ll have heard of one of these at least, and I assure you, none of them hold any truth!

A Small Business Has No Boss!

Yes, you may not have to answer to someone above you and turn up to work when you’re told to or wear what management has told you to wear – as you would do when working for someone else, but you still have a boss. It’s just that this boss is not what most people would expect. Your boss is now your investors, customers, bottom line, and employees. The difference is that now you don’t just have one to answer to, but many!

A Small Business Means Less Working Hours!

You may be able to set your own work time hours up to a certain point, but small business owners more than likely work ten times more hours than the average employee does! I have encountered many first-time business owners beginning their small start-ups who have put in no less than 100 hours in those first few weeks! You’re also more likely to work late evenings, early mornings, and most of the weekend when you run your own small business.

A Small Business Has Minions Taking Care of Minor Details!

Though most people believe when you start your own small business you automatically stop performing basic and less meaningful tasks, you still must pull up your sleeves and take on those tasks that no one else really wants to do. You are effectively a master of wearing many different hats, and that does include fixing the blocked toilet, alongside working on business strategies. This is likely to be the way for much of the first year at least!

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