Gender Equality Brings Benefits to Your Business

In the Western world the cause of women’s equality has made relentless progress for more than a century, from property ownership to voting rights, from expectations in dress to the right to work. Many democracies, from Israel to India
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6 Tips for Relocating Your Home Business

Moving your small home-based business from one location to another can be a risk, but with the right mindset and correct preparation it can also present you with big opportunities. If you are minded to move, here are a
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Some Handy Tips for Running a Home Business with Children

Running a business from home delivers all the advantages of not having to spend time or money traveling, enabling you to commit every hour you have to the noble pursuit of earning a crust. The down side is that
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The Important Work of a Business Mentor

Mentoring in business is not cheap, at least not when it is done properly. But as with anything else the only measure through which its worth can ultimately be judged is in the outcomes that it creates. Many of
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How to Be the Best Manager and Engage Your Employees

In my professional and indeed personal opinion, the best manager is the one who engages their employees and encourages them to be their best and do their best work on a continuing basis. Unfortunately, a considerable proportion of employees
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Could POMODORO Be the Secret to Making Great Time Management in the Office

With a great deal of my work office based, I understand how it can be difficult to concentrate on one task when you are sat at your desk for most of the day. From phone calls, emails and interruptions
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