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Why Meetings Still Have Their Place in Businesses Today

Having read many business and finance blogs, websites and journals, I’ve noticed a trend for meeting bashing! This is where certain bloggers or writers will pen an article suggesting that the time of having any form of business meeting
Posted on Business   /   29 Oct 2018   /   No comments
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Thinking About Trading? Here Are Some Words of Wisdom to Help You

Though I don’t do much in the way of trading personally, I have a vast amount of experience of dealing with businesses who desperately want to get into this area, but a lack of confidence prevents them every time.
Posted on Trading   /   10 Oct 2018   /   No comments
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The Most Common Myths About Running Your Own Business

Working with so many small businesses, I frequently hear many common myths that people seem to believe about owning a small business instantly. If you’re a small business owner, I guarantee you’ll have heard of one of these at
Posted on Small Business   /   29 Sep 2018   /   No comments
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Quick Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses play a vital role in the economy and are one of the most valuable business sectors in almost every industry. They are also one of the more susceptible to making mistakes, particularly in those very early stages.
Posted on Small Business   /   16 Sep 2018   /   No comments
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Sometimes It Can Be Great to Invest, but Even Better to Save!

When many people discuss their plans to invest, one of the most common things mentioned is returns and how they’re keen to get the most return for their money through such investments. Listen to anyone talk about their stock
Posted on Saving   /   03 Sep 2018   /   No comments
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How Changing Your Mindset Can Help You Save More Efficiently

With so many experts offering extensive savings information, it can be hard to pinpoint which is the best information for your individual needs. However, saving should not have to be a complicated topic, and everyone regardless of status or
Posted on Saving   /   22 Aug 2018   /   No comments
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Could You Be Putting Your Empty Business Space to Good Use?

When visiting many clients over the years, one thing I’m regularly struck by is how some have such a large area space in their company which sits empty and idle. This lost space is more than often a real
Posted on Real Estate   /   08 Aug 2018   /   No comments
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Have You Outgrown Your Home Office Desk?

For many freelancers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, startups, and even small businesses, the home office desk, or for some the kitchen table, is usually where they conduct most of their business in the first few months of their venture. However,
Posted on Real Estate   /   26 Jul 2018   /   No comments
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The Essential Features to Look for in Personal Finance Software

Some people find that when they’ve spent so long working with finance and accountancy software at work, they would much rather prefer to keep their personal finances on similar software as well. If you’ve been exposed to the world
Posted on Personal Finance   /   10 Jul 2018   /   No comments
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Why Personal Budgets Are Just as Important as Business Ones!

It’s often the case that those in business will dedicate a lot of time and energy to their business budgets, but when it comes to their personal budgets, they’re almost non-existent! Though keeping your own personal budget will not
Posted on Personal Finance   /   28 Jun 2018   /   No comments
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