Some Alternative Markets for Herbal Products

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Much has been written and said about the increasing demand for natural solutions to common and not so common ailments and the corresponding movement away from reliance on synthetic drugs and treatments. Probably less time though has been devoted to other uses which herbal products can be and are being put to.

Cosmetics and Essential Oils

Interest in herbal cosmetics has been driven by two factors – concerns over animal welfare and the environment, and a growing awareness of the damage chemicals can cause to skin and to the body. The appeal of natural cosmetics and hair products is obvious – looking good without side effects and, just as important to some, without cruelty. But perhaps surprisingly, the use of naturally sourced beauty products goes back many centuries and spans many cultures and civilizations.

Oils by definition ought to be from natural sources, but this isn’t always the case. Essential oils can come in a wide variety of forms including peppermint, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, coconut and lemon as well as a whole range of others. In their purest form they are a plant extract and not contaminated with harmful chemicals. The ongoing demand for beauty products coupled with the increased demand for natural produce makes for an exciting new business opportunity.

Trade Consequences of Liberalization

There has been a corresponding increase in cannaboids and associated products brought about through a combination of a societal move towards nature and the liberalization of the law in some states towards possession of medicinal and even recreational cannabis. Companies like Tale of Two Strains trade responsibly online, cautiously supplying cannaboids and CBDs to domains in which they may legally be received and used. The benefits of their use in medicine are now well established and are slowly being recognized in legislation.

Aloe Vera Gel, Juice and Powder

Aloe vera is now such a popular herb that it deserves a mention in its own right. Used for the treatment of pain, sunburn, ulcers and keratosis it can be found on the shelves not only of herbalists but also today those of most supermarkets. Big corporations are not averse to getting in on the act when the agenda set by small independent businesses proves to be a successful one.

An Opportunity for New Business

The production and supply of new cosmetics, oils and herbal remedies is already a business in motion for many, but for those thinking of dipping a toe in the market the rapid increase in interest means there is still plenty of scope for expansion. For anybody familiar with the products, or willing to learn all about them, opportunities remain in abundance.

Entrepreneurs may choose to store physical supplies or simply to act as a go-between, receiving and processing orders before passing them on to another supplier who pays a grateful commission. As the market shows no sign of slowing the potential is enormous, and a strong internet presence combined with a good marketing strategy brings with it a strong chance of success.

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