Your 6-Point Strategy for SEO Success

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Getting your company’s website in front of a large audience of potential clients is an absolute must if all your hard work in setting up your new small business isn’t going to go to waste. That means as well as simply advertizing its address, you will need to optimize it for all the major search engines to ensure that it can be found by people who are looking for the service you offer. Following this handy 6-point strategy should give your business just the break it needs:

#1: Use Web Analytics to Identify Your Keywords

Most web developers concentrate on a relatively small number of popular keywords and work to get them to the front pages of Google and other search engines where they will be seen by the most niche visitors. The obvious port of call for doing the preparatory work is Google Analytics, bearing in mind that Google is by some margin the most used search engine.

#2: Make Your Website Worthy and Appealing

It would be a great shame if you went to all the trouble involved with bringing visitors to your website only for it to embarrass you when they get there. If somebody finds your site do whatever you can to encourage them to return. Get rid of any clutter that slows your site down or makes it aesthetically displeasing. Make it your golden rule to populate it with interesting and regularly updated content which will get visitors talking.

#3: Have a Strategy for Inbound Links

Building an attractive website that is optimized for the search engines is half the process. The other half is developing a strategy for obtaining some really good quality inbound links. Please note quality here is important. Links are like friends, if they are an embarrassment to you then you don’t really want them around. Take on the services of an SEO expert like Rex Originals who will be able to organize inbound links from some sites with real search engine authority.

#4: Link out as Well as In

Yes you read that correctly. Of course it is not as simple as just placing a whole bunch of links to important sites and reaping the SEO dividends, but having quality sites acknowledging and even reciprocating your support can only improve your status in the eyes of the search engines, to whom all such activity is visible.

#5: Utilize Social Media

Having a portfolio of interlinking platforms can only benefit your search engine presence and authority. If nothing else it keeps visitors moving around between your sites as opposed to leaving for someplace else.

#6: Write for Your Readership, Not for the Search Engines

The biggest mistake made by some of the less imaginative amongst so-called SEO experts is to write reams of low-quality content packed with clumsily-placed keywords in the mistaken hope that it will impress the search engine spiders. Not so. Increasingly the search engines are developing the sophistication to distinguish between useful content and cynical exploitation of the rules, with the latter facing sanction. Avoid these charlatans.

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